Paleo Food Lists - The Most Complete Paleo Meals Plan

The ‘Paleo Cookbooks’ are a comprehensive two part book set containing over 300 different paleo diet meals, created by health expert and veteran, Nikki Young. These books are considered to be the ‘paleo diet bible’ to some. Nikki Young gives you over 300 paleo meals that are conveniently split over two books into the following sections:- Snacks, Salads, Soups, Meat, Chicken, Seafood, Omelet, Desserts, Chocolate, Sandwiches, Noodle Recipes, Breakfast Recipes, and finally Foccacias.

Each one of the paleo meals comes with detailed instructions, including ingredients, how many it will serve, along with every single step needed to complete the paleo diet meals. She also includes exact measurements and conversions so nobody is left out! Its amazing how simple it is to follow. For example one of my new favorite paleo food recipes I have been enjoying lately is, the Chicken and Egg Salad with Almond Satay Sauce. Its ‘out of this world’ amazing, and here is how she presents it in the book.

Look at how simple that is, exactly what you need, how much of it you need and the exact step by step instructions to replicate the amazing meal (which I would definitely recommend you try out ….. its heavenly!) She also includes a picture so that you know exactly what the end result should look like So does the paleo cookbooks really work to losing weight?

The answer is simple, and that is a yes. You may be reluctant to give this a try, and I was in the same position a few years ago because I was tired of seeing no long term results from the crap diets I was trying. When I tried the paleo diet cookbook, things immediately changed. I experienced instant weight loss and it continued. This was with very little effort, and just from me cooking great delicious foods from the paleo diet menu. The paleo diet results I achieved leaved me amazed.

Eating healthy to lose weight resulted in me losing over 40 pounds of excess weight!What are the BAD things about the Paleo Cookbook by Nikki Young?

Nothing is perfect and here are the flaws I noticed after using Nikki’s guide:

– Some of the paleo diet recipe are very time consuming, which can be a problem for a busy individual who wants to make something quick. However this only really applies to some of the recipes.

– The recipes themselves are great but without taking action you will never see any results. It would have been great if Nikki provided some kind of support where she would check up on us to make sure that we are actually taking action and consuming paleo foods.

And how about the GOOD things about the Paleo Diet Cookbooks?

– It’s a very easy and enjoyable cookbook to follow. Nikki really has a nice writing style and her experience as a health and fitness expert truly shines through.

– She includes over 300 recipes split into two books. Everything from Salads, Seafood, and Desserts are just a few I’ve pulled from Nikki’s Paleo Cookbook. Her recipes are designed for pretty much every person that wants to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle effortlessly.

– The cookbook will apply to ‘anyone’. It’s probably the most versatile healthy cookbook I’ve used in a long while. Regardless what age, sex or religion you are; after reading this cookbook you will be able to take a few recipes away and start leading a more healthy life.

– It’s completely different from ANYTHING you have ever read in this field. Nikki really stands out from all those Paleo Diet experts out there, her recipes are very different yet are very delicious and proven to align with the principles of paleo, which separates her from the crowd.

Overall, what do I think?

The paleo diet menu should be full of rich and mouth watering dishes that you can enjoy, and the paleo cookbook doesn’t fail to give you that. Overall I believe it to be one of the best paleo cookbooks in the market and I say that because I have lost over 40 pounds of excess weight using it.

So it does not matter if you are new to the paleo lifestyle or if you are already experienced with this kind of diet. You are going to sure find amazing and delicious recipes that will help you lose weight and maintain great health for the rest of your life.

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