Best Smoothie Blenders Under $100

Smoothies are great if you are in a health conscious life plan. Sometimes it becomes a pain to make smoothies fast. To smooth up your life, we are going to show you the 5 best smoothie blenders under $100 available in the market. Just grab the most suitable one for your needs and start making smoothies.

5 Best Smoothie Blenders Under $100

1. Magic Bullet

Magic bullet blender performs the fastest way of processing the foods! What is your idea of the best blender in your kitchen? This is a multi functional device with simple control and easy switch between operating modes, small in size to consume not so much space as professional installations do and perform an outstanding functioning meanwhile being one touch manageable. If you are still dreaming of this wonder smashing box then a magic bullet blender is exactly what is you dream about.

Magic Bullet

This is a small size blender able to cope with anything you put inside. It possesses a sleek design and simple function set however being enough to meet your needs and requirements. It is suitable for mixing drinks and smashing foods. It is a perfect replacer of many other kitchen devices being able in several seconds to process any foods.

The magic bullet blender consists of a power base with a cord, 2 bullet cups for foods, 4 mugs, lids, shaker tops and a receipt book with delicious and simple techniques describing how to make healthy food. The cups and mugs can be used for microwave oven cooking. So you can easily put the cup with smashed stuff in the oven and continue a cooking process involving fewer dishes than ever.

The user manual provided in the magic bullet blender will guide you through the easy way of assembling and possible ways of usage and controlling the device. You will wonder how easy and enjoyable the process of cooking may turn. The manual will guide you through the main faults of operation and provide the safety information you should follow. These tips will help to prolong the life of your blender and make your life easier.

The high quality materials the magic bullet blender is made of are resistible to high temperatures so you can make you cream soup in the cups of the blender while it is boiling hot.

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However as average device you should maintain and keep the magic bullet blender properly. You should always keep it clean paying special attention to the gear and blades as the food remnants will stuff in the minute openings and prevent the normal operation mode. You should note that the cups and mugs are made of durable plastic however they nay turn vulnerable to a strong mechanical pressure and give a crack which will make them improper for further usage.

However the main advantage of the magic bullet blender remains the low price of the device. You are getting a full set of necessary function for the unbelievably low cost saving your cash and getting the utmost enjoy from the cooking process!

2. Bullet Blender – The Fastest Way To Mix Things

Bullet blender is a perfect home appliance which will help you to mix the foods. The conventional thinking of blender includes just purees and cream soups. Some of the cookers may add smoothies and cocktails to this list considering other dishes being possible to cook only with professional equipment. However a new bullet blender comes to break the ideas of common blender use. You will enjoy the variety of options the bullet blender equipped with to perform a super easy and fast cooking process.

Bullet Blender

The bullet blender is equipped with the easiest and simplest possible controlling. You will find no more buttons, no more complicated procedures of programming and setting the device and thus no more choosing the tome and program for processing this of that stuff.

The sleek innovative design will fit any kitchen and style. The bullet blender does not consume much space on your kitchen. It performs a perfect set of jars and cups with lids. You will enjoy the possibility of replacement the things in the set. You can additionally purchase cups of different capacity and other appliances to prepare and cook other courses. Besides, most of the cups and jars are suitable for microwave oven cooking so you may put any of the cups and jars into the oven and heat the stuffs. The jars and cups are so perfectly designed, that they are suitable for eating and drinking from.

The sharpest blades will cope with anything you will put inside the jar. Each kit of bullet blender provides you a user manual which will easily introduce you into the cooking process with the blender and a receipt book which will discover you a variety of delicious and healthy dishes you may cook with the blender.

It is a perfect thing to start your own cooking experiments. Just place the blender on your countertop and start creating new flavors and tastes with the bullet blender which will make any of your dishes fluffier and thus full flavored. The bullet blender is one of the safest home appliances. The blades are located in such a way to escape the possibility of hurting the user. However you should take care of the device and keep it clean as food may stuff the blades and thus prevent the blender from normal functioning and lead the burning out of the device.

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The blender will enjoy you with the quality of materials and assembling, the way it process the foods and the variety of foods you may cook with the device in the fastest way!

3. Ninja Blender – Your Exceptional Helper

Introducing the ninja blender one should be careful as this is a perfect solution providing professional assistance in the kitchen. The blender kit will provide you with a perfect blender with a capacious 72oz pitcher, a lid and a six blade assembly which can be used to prepare the smoothies, crashed ice for desserts and other sweet courses. You will be amazed with simplicity of the cooking with the ninja blender.

Ninja Blender

It is a powerful kitchen appliance which will turn any cooking into easy and delightful process bringing you much pleasure. The blender lets you enjoy the delicious smoothies, fresh squeezed juices enriched with fiber and vitamins as the blender preserves all the components and does not perform a separation of pomace. So you will get a highly enriched juice.

The sleek design and durable materials the ninja blender is made of turn the device into outstanding kitchen helper. The device is equipped with a cord holder in the back of the blender base. The blades are made of the stainless steel and thus perform an outstanding cutting and slicing. The process of smashing the stuff is very simple. The device does not possess any complex functions. There are three possible modes of operation pulsing control mode for chopping the fruits and vegetables, first speed mode for mixing, second speed mode for blending and the third speed mode is for ice crashing. The fruits do not require slicing before putting into the blender as the wide pitcher and sharp blades will cope with whole fruits and vegetables well!

The usage of ninja blender is a perfect and safe helper in your kitchen. The protection mechanism will not start the device in case it overfilled the lid is not closed or the parts are not locked. You should prove every detail fixation before starting the operation of the blender. However there are several tips on the safety of the device usage. You should not start the device if the cord is damaged. You should run the device only on the dry surface to avoid the water getting into the electric parts of the device. The ninja blender parts are not suitable for using in microwave ovens. However the replaceable parts can be washed in a dish washer.

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You should also note that the blender will not cook and heat the stuff. It is suitable just for slicing and cutting the stuff for further preparation. Ninja blender is a perfect device to help you in the kitchen.

4. Oster Blender – Shift Your Smoothies To Better Creations

You will wonder how a simple Oster blender can shift your life in the kitchen. You will feel how easy you can manage the chopping, slicing, smashing and squashing of the kitchen stuffs involved in the cooking process.

Oster Blender

The brand of small appliances can easily shift your life to better adding comfort and creativity to you cooking process! How is this possible you may ask?The receipt is simple. Each dish you are preparing should be complemented with Oster blender. You should not waste your time cutting and slicing the foods with the knife which does always perform a danger of cutting your hand or finger. Put all the necessary products into a pitcher a push a single button to get the perfectly sliced or smashed foods. The Oster blender will reveal much of your time which you previously spent for cutting and slicing and smashing and let you a liberty of cooking creativity.

What are the main features which make the Oster blender different?

This item is powerful enough to cope with anything you put inside the pitcher from cream soup to nuts performing the exceptional speed of processing the foods. The issue combines innovations and traditions in itself. You will feel the traditional quality touching the blender and the innovative approach to cutting and smashing process.

The Oster blender is a versatile thing in your kitchen being able to replace and substitute many other appliances consuming the space in your kitchen. You should consider that the main function of most of the kitchen appliances is mixing, smashing, cutting, slicing and chopping, etc. However if a single unit can do it all why to put all of the appliances in the kitchen?

The unit is equipped with a professional motor being able to process any stuff you put inside the blender. Nothing will challenge its functionality and ability. This smart kitchen machine is equipped with programming function. The blender seems to sense the stuff and chooses the optimum program for processing the foods applying the proper speed and power of cutting.

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You will surely enjoy a sweet present from the Oster company when opening the Oster blender box. The company adds a bright cookbook to every blender for you to discover an exceptional world of cooking with perfect helper! You can reveal the new flavors and aromas of common foods when these are prepared in this blender. You will enjoy the simplicity of its handling and ease of its cleaning and disassembling! It is high time to try new ways of tastes for common foods and stuffs!

5. Vitamix Blender – Your Best Choice For The Kitchen

When it comes to a choice of a blender, many of the customers face the same problem. The choice is almost impossible as the vast variety of models, functions and features of available blender appliances make your choice very difficult. However what makes the vitamix blender so different? The Vitamix brand performs a wide choice of kitchen appliances. Each device is made of high quality materials, is equipped with perfect sleek design and performs an optimum set of functions. So you can choose the blender best fitting your needs and kitchen requirements.

Vitamix Blender

The Quality

The vitamix blender is made of durable materials resistible to high temperatures and mechanical damages. The parts of the blender are easily put together and do not require any skills to assemble the device and make it ready for operating. The device is easily washable. You can wash some parts in a dish washer meanwhile the other parts should be carefully cleaned with a soft damp cloth (for example the base of the blender). Many customers give preference to the Vitamix items as they are easily and simply handled and the operation mode can be easily switched from one to another.

The Performance

The vitamix blender is totally different from the common blenders available on the market of home appliances. The sharp blades are made of stained steel and thus perform exceptional sharpness and long durability. You will enjoy the fast processing of any amounts of fruits, vegetables, ice and other stuffed which can be used in the blender. However the range of foods you can chop and slice and smash in the vitamix blender is not limited by fresh fruits and vegetable stuff. You can enjoy puree soups and smashed dishes, soufflés and desserts, creams and powders and many other delicacies!

The Simplicity and Safety

The vitamix blender is simple and easy to use. You will not face any trouble choosing the mode of operation for processing different foods. The modes are simply switched among with a single button. The vitamix blenders perform several possible speeds varying from model to model. The blender is safe to start as the device will not run if the parts are not correctly fixed, the lid is not closed properly. However you should watch the damaging of the cord. You should not start the appliance if the cord has mechanical damages.

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Choose one of the best vitamix devices and enjoy a new way of cooking in you kitchen!

How to make a better choice when buying the best blender for smoothies?

The vast choice of blending kitchen equipment makes it hard to choose a proper one for preparing special dishes. To choose the best blender for smoothie one should know what smoothie is and what options of the blender will perform a desired taste and flavor.

A smoothie is a kind of beverage made of fresh fruits and vegetables with adding of milk or yogurt. To add new flavors to the drink one can add chocolate or peanut butter in the process of blending. The name of the drink determines its consistency which should be smooth thus the ingredients should be thoroughly processed. Smoothie is a piece of healthy food as contains vitally important ingredients. Due to the way of preparation of the drink it preserves all the nutritious components and vitamins which are usually destroyed in the process of heat treatment of fruits and vegetables. Smoothie is one of the ways to make the consumption of essential vegetables tasty for naughty kids who are constantly refusing eating the vegetables in any form of cooking. That is why proper processing and good blending are the main factors determining the quality of the drink.Choosing the best blender for smoothie you should pay attention to the next factors.

Speed of foods processing

If the blender is equipped with a multi speed option it will surely be perfect for smoothies as different stuffs require different speed and power of processing. Following the technique of a delicious smoothie preparation you should note that the vegetables are coming first in the blender and then come fruits. However if the blender is of enough power you will not need to put the ingredients separately.

Jar Capacity

Another important factor is a capacity of a jar. You should take into account that the process of preparing smoothie requires adding liquids as yogurt or milk, so the capacity of a jar should be enough to hold and process a proper portion of beverage for your family.

Quality and Durability

Another key factor for any blender you may put in your kitchen is of course quality and durability. A warranty is essential, however you should read the reviews of the customers and learn whether the unit you are going to buy will endure an everyday usage. This will help to eliminate waste of your costs. Note that high quality things can not cost cheap, so bare the idea of a high price in mind if you are going to purchase a long lasting thing.

The best blender for smoothie should be safe in operation and handling, perform different modes of operation for preparing the dishes and processing of the food, additional functions for processing other stuffs and going beyond smoothie preparation.


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