6 Lean Protein Foods That You Will Love

Lean protein foods have no little effect on the blood sugar. You can even substitute the carbs with some protein to cut the glucose of the meal. Here are some ways to increase your intake of lean protein foods:Add eggs to your meal plan. Eggs have been the cheapest but excellent way to increase protein in your diet. Just one large hard-boiled egg may provide seven grams of protein with just two grams of saturated fat. You can control the saturated fat by not consuming the egg yolks. The egg whites may be enough to boost your protein intake.

Include lean beef

Beef is considered as a great source of protein, iron and B vitamins. But most people consider beef as unhealthy due to it fat content. To help you enjoy beef, it is important that you choose the lean kind. Choose the leaner cuts like flank, top round and the flank steak. For best results, choose grass-fed beef to make sure that it has omega-3 fatty acids

Choose Chicken Breast

This is another source of protein. It can provide around eight grams of protein per ounce. For healthier options, you may shop for chicken breasts that are skinless. The fat is stored in the skin, removing the skin prior cooking can reduce the fats contained by the chicken.

Drink More Dairy

Dairy are good source of lean protein. For best results, you can choose the dairy that has the biggest source of protein.


You can have the best protein from beans since it all has the essential amino acids. The best types of beans are pinto, navy and black beans.


Lean proteins are also derived from fish, shrimp and tuna. However, get easy on tuna because too much consumption of tuna may lead to mercury poisoning.

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